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May additions to Crex Meadows including Warblers, Tiger Beetles and more Butterflies! Read More...


After reviewing some pages, I decided to add a glossary with some terms that may help with understanding some of the pages within. Primarily affecting the soils area, and in preparation for a new section under development. Read More...

Trumpeter Swan Report

A summary with tables on the population status of the Trumpeter Swan in North America. Read More...

News from Nature

SpringThe snow is finally gone! Its been a 'normal' winter and a cool spring. Everyone has grown tired of the promise of spring interrupted by the arrival of a new snowfall or cold front. I finally headed up to Crex Meadows and was not disapointed. The swan pairs seem to have weathered their winter away ok, and have returned to their favorite nesting spots. Crane numbers seem to be less this year (residents) but there could be some late arrivals, or they may have been roaming the countryside this day. Lots of eagles of varied ages are in the meadows as are Kestrels, sharp-shinned, coopers and red-tailed hawks.

Winter has arrived in historic northern climate abruptness. Two significant snowfalls have left more than a foot of snow on the ground. It is here to stay. The snows have pushed the last of the migrants south, and has brought in the winter birds. Tree Sparrows have arrived in large numbers once again.

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Welcome to the Sciences index of the site. My goal here is to provide news, links, general information for those who take an interest in the sciences.

Sometimes people struggle with the ideas of the science and I hope to offer some well put information to encourage the passing on of knowledge. I am no expert in any of the areas that I will cover here, but I hope to answer some questions and be able to point people in the right direction for further information thru links.

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Sectional Information

Regional Land Use Areas

Area M has been added to complement Area K. States include Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, part of the Dakota's and more. Topics include area geology, water use, ground water quality, soils, land use, and much more. This project is massive, with over 200 areas needing conversion into web format. Regional Land Use

USA Soil Data

Pages on Soil in the USA! Additional pages include a history of notable events that have influenced the way people think about the world around them. USA Soil Information